Organic-Lock is the strongest available natural binder. Its unique properties create a durable surface that resists erosion even in the toughest conditions. Gail Materials is an exclusive distributor in California and can support you in a variety of uses and applications.



Organic-Lock is made from naturally occurring materials.  In addition to being environmentally friendly, Organic-Lock provides a natural look without sacrificing strength and resilience.

Resists Erosion

Organic-Lock is the strongest and most erosion resistant natural binder available. Proven from years of research and testing, Organic-Lock greatly outperforms traditional alternatives. Organic-Lock is a great choice for steep slopes without fear of severe erosion because of its resilient properties

Easy Maintenance

Maintenance to a surface stabilized with Organic-Lock is simple. Organic-Lock is self-healing, self-drying and self-wicking of water.  In addition, the inclusion of Organic-Lock greatly detters  weed growth and seed germination.

ADA Compliant

With proper installation, Organic-Lock is ADA compliant. For more information on Accessible Exterior Surface Testing and how Organic-Lock performs, please contact our office.

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Walking trails

Parking lots

Bike trails

Fire lanes


Areas with natural hardscaping

Organic-Lock comes premixed with installation guidelines and consulting from the experienced staff at Gail Materials.

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