CU-Structural Soil

CU-Structural Soil is a patented soil mix designed to support tree root growth while maintaining the capacity to bear the load of a pavement.


CU-Soil was invented and engineered through the bright minds at Cornell University’s Research Foundation specifically for trees in urban environments. This special mix is designed to provide ample rooting area for street trees, decreasing tree mortality and sidewalk failure. For more information on the research and use of CU-Soil, see this link.


Increased Rooting Area

CU-Soil can be compacted to 100% peak density to bear the load of pavement, while still allowing tree roots to grow through it.  Tree roots have a greater area for root expansion and take in nutrients without sacrificing support for sidewalks and pavements.

Decreased Tree Mortality

Because CU-Soil allows more space for tree roots to grow, trees can take in more water and nutrients.  Healthier trees results in decreased tree mortality.  Studies prove that trees properly installed in CU soil have a greater lifespan as compared to traditional planting methods.


CU-Soil has been peer reviewed with volumes of completed research.  Research continues at Cornell University.  See their website for more details.

LEED Certification Friendly

Contact our office for information on how CU-Soil can contribute LEED points for your project.

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