Natracil Stabilized Decomposed Granite/Crushed Aggregate Stone

Natracil organic binder is the most widely used psyllium husk binder in the United States. Natracil Stabilized Decomposed Granite (DG) is a great choice for any project seeking a natural look and a strong, lasting surface.


Psyllium husk is an organic polymer that acts as the glue that binds decomposed granite or crushed aggregates to create a more stable product. Most all of the psyllium husk used in the United States is farmed in India and China. Gail Materials uses very high grade psyllium husk as the binder in Natracil to supply a product that is strong and resilient.


Natural Look

Natracil Stabilized Decomposed Granite/Crushed Aggregate Stone is available in naturally occurring earth tone colors of Decomposed Granite/Crushed Aggregate Stone all mined in Southern California.


We produce Decomposed Granite/Crushed Aggregate Stone that is crushed at a ½ inch minus. The higher percentage of aggregate and the angular nature from the crushing process creates a strong material that is capable of supporting any type of vehicle.

Resists Erosion

Using Natracil is a significant upgrade in resisting erosion compared to raw DG or cement-treated DG.

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Stablized DG/CAS instalation guidelines : English / Spanish

Gail Materials has over 30 years of experience with Natracil Stabilized DG/CAS. For every project we provide easy to follow application guidelines and personal consultation.

AutoCAD details and architectural specifications are available on CAD Details. For further information please contact our office.

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