Bioswale Growing Media

A bioswale is a landscape element that is designed to capture and filter contaminants and sediments from stormwater runoff.


Our Bioswale mixes mitigate a variety of organic and inorganic compounds that can pollute water.  These include silt, pesticides, heavy metals and more.  All mixes include high quality organic amendment which provides a carbon source as a value to filter water a well as increases beneficial bacteria and fungi for soil health and root growth.

Gail Materials 80/20 Bioswale Growing Media is designed to satisfy requirements of set forth in the most recent Best Management Practices (BMP) and Low Impact Development (LID) Manuals in Southern California.

Our 80/20 Bioswale Growing Media is a blend of 80% ASTM C33 sand to 20% high quality organic amendment by volume.  This material provides excellent drainage and aeration characteristics while also serving as an excellent root zone to support a broad range of project-appropriate plants while help to filter pollutants from water before it reaches storm drains.


Stormwater Filtration

Our bioswale mixes support a broad range of California native and general ornamental plants. Further, we can customize the soil blend to target specific pollutants for removal from the effluent.

LEED Certification Friendly

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Landscape stormwater filtration

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