Bioswale Growing Media

A bioswale is a landscape element that is designed to capture and filter contaminants and sediments from stormwater runoff. Gail Materials has designed three basic types of Bioswale mixes:

  • A sand based blend (high percolation rate media of 10+ in/hr)
  • A loamy sand blend (moderate percolation rate media of 5-10 in/hr)
  • A sandy loam blend (slow percolation rate media of <5 in/hr)

We can help determine which mix is best for your needs. In general, if you want a bioswale that moves water at a fast rate then use the sand or loamy sand based mixes. If you wish to retain the water for a longer period then it is best to use the sandy loam mix.


Our Bioswale mixes mitigate a variety of organic and inorganic compounds that can pollute water.  These include silt, pesticides, heavy metals and more.  All mixes include high quality humus which provides a carbon source as a value to filter water a well as increases beneficial bacteria and fungi for soil health and root growth. In addition, some mixes contain AXIS and some contain Cool Terra biochar.  These materials are put in place to help filter out pollutants.  For more information about those products, follow the link provided.

All of our mixes have a top and a bottom layer.  The top layer is suitable to a suggested maximum depth of placement up to 18 inches.  Below that depth, the bottom layer is recommended.  Our office is able to supply you with more information about both layers and recommend which is right for your project.


Stormwater Filtration

Our bioswale mixes support a broad range of California native and general ornamental plants. Further, we can customize the soil blend to target specific pollutants for removal from the effluent.

LEED Certification Friendly

Contact our office for information on how Bioswale can contribute LEED points for your project.

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Landscape stormwater filtration

Contact our office for more information.

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