Organic-Lock Organic-Lock Organic-Lock is the strongest available natural binder. Its unique properties create a durable surface that resists erosion even in the toughest conditions. Gail Materials is an exclusive distributor in California and can support you in a variety of uses and applications. BenefitsNaturalOrganic-Lock is made from naturally occurring materials.  In addition to being environmentally [...]

Bioswale/Bioretention Growing Media

Bioswale Growing Media A bioswale is a landscape element that is designed to capture and filter contaminants and sediments from stormwater runoff. Gail Materials has designed three basic types of Bioswale mixes: A sand based blend (high percolation rate media of 10+ in/hr) A loamy sand blend (moderate percolation rate media of 5-10 in/hr) A [...]

Green Roof Growing Media

Green Roof Growing Media Green roofs create a “green space” on top of man made structures which helps to decrease the heat islanding effect, reduce cooling costs, and increase biodiversity in urban environments while providing outdoor living and work spaces in otherwise under-used areas. About An integral part of the success of a green roof [...]
The Hive

Sand Based Root Zones

Sand Based Root Zones Gail Materials provides multiple high-end performance root zone blends for professional and collegiate facilities.  We can make blends to meet specifications that already exist or help with designing a specific blend to meet the needs of your project. About In all our root zones we use high-quality purity silica sand with [...]

Natracil Stabilized Decomposed Granite

Natracil Stabilized Decomposed Granite/Crushed Aggregate Stone Natracil organic binder is the most widely used psyllium husk binder in the United States. Natracil Stabilized Decomposed Granite (DG) is a great choice for any project seeking a natural look and a strong, lasting surface. About Psyllium husk is an organic polymer that acts as the glue that [...]

CU-Structural Soil

CU-Structural Soil CU-Structural Soil is a patented soil mix designed to support tree root growth while maintaining the capacity to bear the load of a pavement. About CU-Soil was invented and engineered through the bright minds at Cornell University’s Research Foundation specifically for trees in urban environments. This special mix is designed to provide ample [...]

Pro Gold Athletic Mix

Pro Gold Athletic Mix Pro Gold Athletic Mix is a premium bagged packing clay for mounds and home plates.  It is ideal for the high school and city park level. About Pro Gold Athletic Mix is dark red in color.  It has slightly less clay content than Pro Gold Mound Mix. BenefitsSmall BatchesWe produce every [...]

Pro Gold Mound Mix

Pro Gold Mound Mix Pro Gold Mound Mix is a premium bagged packing clay for mounds and home plates. It is ideal for any professional or high end facility. About Pro Gold Mound Mix has very high clay content and a deep cocoa brown color which results in excellent ball contrast. BenefitsSmall BatchesWe produce every [...]

Pro Gold Infield Mix Plus

Pro Gold Infield Mix Plus Pro Gold Infield Mix Plus has added benefits to increase the lifespan of your infield. About Pro Gold Infield Mix Plus is the only infield mix available that addresses sodium build up and carbonates.  Carbonates are naturally formed salts just like on your shower head and water pipes.  These carbonates [...]

Pro Gold Infield Mix

Pro Gold Infield Mix Our Pro Gold Infield Mix is used in multiple professional and collegiate facilities.  It is also a great fit for countless city fields, high schools, and Little Leagues.  We have several blends available to best fit the needs of your field.  Contact our office for more information on the right blend [...]
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