Our focus and priority lie in the mining and production of specialty materials.

Gail Materials has been a family owned and operated company since 1983.  The company was originally founded by Gail Leinen as Gail Trucking.  During its heyday, Gail Trucking would run anywhere from 50 to 80 trucks a day.

Mission Statement

Our mission at Gail Materials is to provide customers with the highest quality products. We are committed to fostering a positive work environment that encourages new ideas, new innovations and growth.

Know Our History

In 1984, Gail Trucking became Gail Materials.  Today our focus and priority lie in the mining and production of specialty materials.  Our highly qualified and dedicated staff has developed unparalleled expertise in the industry.  We are the largest producers of stabilized DG world-wide and have supplied a range of materials to top organizations including Disneyland, San Diego Chargers, and more.  Additionally, we work to customize our products to the unique needs of each customer so that every project finds success.

Gail Leinen’s two sons, Mitch and Nick, continue their father’s legacy today.  As the current president of Gail Materials, Nick Leinen continues to move the company forward to best meet the needs of today’s customers.

In addition to providing a wide range of high-quality products, Gail Materials deeply cares about giving back to the local community.  We look forward to continuing to adapt to the needs of our customers to provide the best possible products.