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Green Roof Growing Media

Green roofs create a “green space” on top of man made structures which helps to decrease the heat islanding effect, reduce cooling costs, and increase biodiversity in urban environments while providing outdoor living and work spaces in otherwise under-used areas.


An integral part of the success of a green roof system is the growing media.  These custom blended soil types must have proper chemical and physical properties to support vigorous plant growth while meeting weight requirements.

Gail Materials Lightweight Growing Medias are designed based on FLL criteria, which are recognized throughout the United States and the world as the industry standards for green roof growing media.

Because of this, our lightweight growing medias will provide a good growing environment, maintain excellent drainage, minimize settling and meet weight requirements as determined by ASTM E2399 Standards Test Method for Maximum Media Density for Dead Load Analysis for Vegetative (Green) Roof System, which is called for in the FLL guidelines and is world-wide recognized standard for Green Roof testing.


Create outdoor living/working spaces

Transform and repurpose rooftops into landscape areas where people can retreat and recharge in a constructed green environment.

Increase biodiversity

Trees, shrubs, groundcover and turf can provide habitable space for a broad range of birds insects and other urban wildlife.

Reduce Heat Islanding

Replacing harsh reflective rooftop surfaces with lush green landscaping can significantly reduce the albedo effect, resulting in a cooler environment.

Filter run-off from roofs

Green roof growing media and plants can work together to filter stormwater as it leaves roof tops and makes it way to storm drains.

Leed Points

Green roofs can earn LEED points by: protecting or restoring habitat, maximizing open space, addressing heat island effect, providing water efficient landscape areas, helping to reach minimum energy performance, being part of storm water design, and using regional materials.


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