Pro Gold Mound Mix

Pro Gold Mound Mix Pro Gold Mound Mix is a premium bagged packing clay for mounds and home plates. It is ideal for any professional or high end facility. About Pro Gold Mound Mix has very high clay content and a deep cocoa brown color which results in excellent ball contrast. BenefitsSmall BatchesWe produce every [...]

Pro Gold Infield Mix Plus

Pro Gold Infield Mix Plus Pro Gold Infield Mix Plus has added benefits to increase the lifespan of your infield. About Pro Gold Infield Mix Plus is the only infield mix available that addresses sodium build up and carbonates.  Carbonates are naturally formed salts just like on your shower head and water pipes.  These carbonates [...]

Pro Gold Infield Mix

Pro Gold Infield Mix Our Pro Gold Infield Mix is used in multiple professional and collegiate facilities.  It is also a great fit for countless city fields, high schools, and Little Leagues.  We have several blends available to best fit the needs of your field.  Contact our office for more information on the right blend [...]

Hydrosource PAM

Hydrosource PAM Hydrosource PAM acts as a “glue” to hold soil in place. Hydrosource PAM is a low-cost, effective solution for preventing erosion and runoff contamination. About Hydrosource PAM is a long chain anionic polymer that exposes negatively charged sites that have the ability to bind positively charged soil. To learn more about USDA research [...]
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