Pro Gold Infield Mix Plus

Pro Gold Infield Mix Plus has added benefits to increase the lifespan of your infield.


Pro Gold Infield Mix Plus is the only infield mix available that addresses sodium build up and carbonates.  Carbonates are naturally formed salts just like on your shower head and water pipes.  These carbonates have a negative impact on water infiltration.  Sodium build up surrounds the clay particles and makes it less clay like.  Our soil scientists at Gail have rigorously tested and evaluated the harmful effects that sodium and carbonates have on infield skins and have added the right proportions of specific amendments to keep your infield lasting longer.


Extra Innings

Pro Gold Infield Mix Plus has specific amendments included to increase the lifespan of your infield.  Our mix has been engineered to solve problems like sodium and carbonates, leading to a longer-lasting high quality field.

Reduced pH

Keeping an acidic pH means less carbonate build up.  Pro Gold Infield Mix Plus maintains its strength and quality for longer.

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